Shems Yoga

Shems Yoga

Monday | April 20, 2015

Bring your child to an activity that nurtures the body, mind and spirit!


In a world of over-stimulation and competition, yoga class will provide your child with a space to explore and appreciate the way their bodies and minds work. Yoga is unique because it focuses on stress management, body awareness, and healthy self-image. All while engaging the kids in fun and creative activities that will keep them wanting to return to class each week! Classes will include:

  1. Breathing Exercises
  2. Strengthening and Stretching
  3. Balancing and Focus
  4. Expression and Creativity
  5. Meditation and Relaxation


“Wednesdays are my favorite days because I have yoga!” -Afrah, age 8, Stellars Yoga student.


Class times and dates:

Rays (4-7 years)


Level 1 – 4:30pm

Level 2 – 5:30pm


Stellars (8-11)


Level 2 – 5pm

Level 1-  6pm


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